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In rural areas, contaminated water is a serious concern and to ensure that every individual is getting pure drinking water,  has Introducing Wink Offline : The gravity-based, non-electric, affordable UF water purifier. This innovative system employs multi-stage filtration, including an 0.1 Microns Hallow Fiber Hydrophilic UF membrane, SS Mesh, Sediment, Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge to deliver pure, contaminant-free drinking water. Easy to install and maintain, AquaFlow ensures eco-friendly and cost-effective water purification for a healthier lifestyle. Embrace the power of gravity and enjoy clean, safe water without breaking the bank. Your sustainable solution for quality hydration.

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Price : Rs.14,500
Price : Rs.17,500

WINK RO Advantage

Premium quality product with large scale and network

Most trusted and preferred brand

Honored with Numerous Awards, Recognitions and Certifications

Trusted By millions

Ranked #1 Most Trusted Brand in India


Committed to best service after sales and make you sure to provide quick service within six hour’s at your door step. Now be happy with Wink RO System and kick away all kinds of water disease from your home. Water most necessary for human body. Without it we can’t imagine our life so it’s invaluable for mankind and all lives. We know water is life but when it is pure & safe.


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